Where the Score Don't Matter

As a lifelong Cardinal fan, I must say that (for me) the SCORE always matters.  

I remember visiting Busch Stadium from a very young age. My father always made sure I took my glove, to catch peanuts I think because we never sat close enough to catch a foul ball. I remember when my hero Lou Brock broke the stolen base record. I heard it live . . . Mom made me go to bed because it was a school night . . . But she didn't say I couldn't listen to the game. And so in the darkness of my room on Buttonwood Court in Florissant, I listened intently as Jack Buck made the call and Lou swiped his 105th bag to break the record! (In her defense, my mom did come into my room to say "he did it!" But I just showed her my transitor radio and grinned.)

Every Opening Day I am there religiously to see the Hall of Famers, starting line up, Louie the soaring Eagle, and best of all The Clydesdales take the field. Anyone who truly knows me knows that this is one of the only things I do religiously. For me it would be a sin to miss . . . And so I spend the day reveling in the joy of my team, my city, and my favorite sport. And trust me when I say the score matters. I never did buy into that line, "if they don't win its a shame." A shame? Shoot it's a travisty. A disaster!  

But then, came last Tuesday night. Last Tuesday night I went with a group of folks from The Word at Shaw to the ballgame. The Cardinals eeked out two hits in nine innings and lost 2-0. And guess what, I was good. Not because I figured out what that lyric meant . . . If they don't win it's a shame? . . . But because I was with the TWAS family. 

I was so proud of our group! They brought enough popcorn to feed our entire section, and they did. We made friends with everyone in our section and cemented our friendship with each other. Pastor Frances ruled the roost and everyone fell in love with her. Rachel (one of our single gals)  picked out a husband (Right Fielder Stephan Piscotty, who got one of our hits and stole a base) but the wedding date is yet to be determined. Ms. Birdie tried to pick a fight with the Giants fans, but nobody wanted to open that door. We spent the night doing church together "Old School." I'm not talking about your Grandfather's Sunday-go-to-meetin' church, I'm talking about the first century church, now those folks knew how to do life together. Here's how Luke reported that those first followers of Jesus did church.

 Acts 2:44-47 NIV

[44] All the believers were together and had everything in common. [45] They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. [46] Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, [47] praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

Now, don't be upset if you missed this event, we are going to find ways to get together more often. In fact, next Saturday we're going to see the movie War Room together. And I'd like to commit to finding more ways to just spend time together like the old school followers did. If it can make me not worry about the score it must be a good thing!

So here's to The Word at Shaw, where the score don't matter!